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Cargo Insurance

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Cargo Insurance for Your Valuables

We are authorized to pack and crate almost any high-value item with special arrangements through our insurance company. This excellent coverage is available to us because of our many years of very low claims ratios. Whether you have to move a single piece of furniture, an entire estate, or your business, Craters & Freighters Phoenix is a trusted, one-stop resource.

Our Insurance Program Is as Unique as Our Company

Craters & Freighters isn’t your ordinary crating and shipping company. Our locations are independently owned and operated and provide service that you cannot get from other retailers. Our boxes and crates are customized, and we have a variety of materials we use to protect your items from damage (PE foam, bubble, glassine, anti-static wrap, vapor barrier, heat shrink, etc.).

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Shipping & Cargo Insurance

We can insure high-value items through our insurance company. Craters & Freighters Phoenix is experienced in packing and shipping fragile and sensitive items as well as large and heavy items.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix is your one-stop shipping center. You can rest assured that your items will be protected. Coverage is in place while items are in our care (pickup, packaging, and transit to final destination). We take pride in our crating and packaging as well as in our National Cargo Program.

Each freight bill is different and selecting the correct coverage is an important decision. All our franchise locations are independently owned and operated. For assistance in selecting the right coverage, please contact us.

Types of Coverage:

  • Standard Cargo: Is an “All-Risk” coverage and protects against loss or damage. This coverage is used for most items such as artwork, furniture, new electronics, or machinery.
  • JSO (Job Service Order): Is for packing only, either in a corrugated box or crate and for local pickup and delivery. No coverage while items are transported by common carrier.
  • Limited Liability (also known as Lost Only): Is for customer-packed goods. Doesn’t cover concealed or visible damage to items. Coverage will protect your items in the event of theft or disappearance of full container or entire shipment.
  • Used Electronics & Machinery: Is for used electronics or machinery that is over one year old. Covers visible damage only.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters in Phoenix.

Provide some information on your crating, packaging or shipping needs and we’ll get back to you with a figure you can use in the planning of your project. Ask us about our cargo insurance for even more confidence throughout your shipping project.

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