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Reusable Wood Crates


Custom-Built, Reusable Wooden Crates and Containers

Craters & Freighters Phoenix specializes in designing personalized, durable, reusable crates tailored for the repeated transport of assets and equipment. We meticulously assess your item’s requirements and learn your goals to determine the most suitable shipping, crating, and packaging strategies.

Our professional shipping and packing teams develop and engineer interior packaging solutions to safeguard your items during the unknowns that may arise during transit, employing a variety of protective foams and other cushioning to ensure optimal security.

Your crating needs are catered to by specialists who will construct custom wood crates or containers engineered to safely protect your assets so they can endure frequent handling and shipping without losing their integrity.

Each crate features user-friendly hardware, including hinges and link locks, which require no tools yet offer a secure closure mechanism.

If you’re a business in need of reusable wooden crates, we offer customizable labeling options, including the incorporation of your company’s logo, for easy identification. Our services come second only to our customer satisfaction.

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The Right Crate for Repeated Use

When companies depend on regular crating for shipping and storing their assets, working with a reusable crating company can provide many benefits. Our Phoenix team will design the perfect container for your repeated use needs, fit to match the asset with precision. We also utilize packaging materials of the best quality to ensure protection throughout the shipping process.

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The Benefits of Using Reusable Crates

  • Reusable crates reduce packaging waste that goes into landfills, making them more environmentally friendly
  • Our reusable crates are made with high-quality and durable materials that allow them to be refurbished for continued use
  • They save you money and time, supporting your ROI
  • We can make reusable crates with tailored storage compartments and shelving to organize your materials, small components, electronic equipment, and more
  • They are perfect for trade shows and can be fully customized to meet your requirements, including storage and multi-use solutions

Reusable crates designed with highly customized engineering practices get optimized results that help you save time, money, and stress—freeing you up to focus on other important matters.

Crating and Shipping Services

Our shipping company has managed numerous commercial shipments across the country and the world for years.

We not only custom design and package equipment and assets for your business, but we also provide
domestic and international shipping services that fit within your budget and get your items where they need to go safely and on time.

Some of the most common packaging, crating, and shipping solutions we offer include:

When other shipping companies turn down complex projects, we step up. We have the solutions, experience, and knowledge to design the reusable crate you’re looking for.

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